Our approach is to design products with purpose. Crafted with consideration, to be cherished and used, giving a new perspective on everyday essentials we sometimes take for granted.


We design products that people buy not only because they need them but because they love them.


Nudient’s product life cycle & usage is a fundamental aspect of sustainability. We believe in the existence of an intent behind the products we offer. We investigate alternative materials and solutions to ensure a smaller impact on the environment. Numerous strategies are continually being implemented to ensure that sustainability is at the core of all our decision-making processes.

Our designers

Louise Hawthorne

Product & Sustainability manager 

Louise is a young Swedish designer with a strong eye for detail and a strong passion for sustainable development within products. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Design & product development and a Masters degree in Integrated Product Design Engineering at KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm.

Jesper Ståhl

Studio collaboration with Jesper Design 

Swedish designer Jesper Ståhl is well known for his distinct Scandinavian design, object embedding story. His work spans from furniture and lighting to cutlery, tools and accessories, products created to be used. 

‍Jesper Ståhl has a Masters degree from Royal College of Art London and has received numerous awards including the Red Dot Design Award, three times winner of Elle Decoration Design Award, Swecast, Designplus and Design S - Swedish Design Award winner.

Read more about Jesper on his website

Red dot Design awards

Nudient has won several design awards and in 2022 we won the biggest of them all, A Red Dot design awards in product design.